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Christmas Celebration in Nigeria: How to Enjoy The Holiday


Christmas is a time of joy, love, and celebration all around the world. Christmas Celebration in Nigeria is no different. The country comes alive with vibrant colors, delicious food, and a sense of togetherness.

Christmas, often dubbed “Enjoyment Day,” is a day when people revel in the festivities. Beyond the respite from work, it is a day filled with delectable meals that seem to defy explanation. The secret behind the consistently delicious Christmas meals lies in the love and care invested in their preparation.

The culinary efforts extend beyond personal consumption, as Christmas becomes a day of communal sharing, with visits and exchanges of homemade delights enhancing the overall flavor.

Christmas celebration in Nigeria is a vibrant and exhilarating experience. Unlike places with winter festivities, Nigeria has its unique version of winter known as Harmattan. This dry and dusty season requires preparation, with Vaseline or baby oil becoming essential tools in the battle against Harmattan’s effects on the skin.

Nigerians have a unique way of celebrating this special holiday, blending their rich cultural traditions with the spirit of Christmas.

Decorations and Lights during the Christmas Celebration in Nigeria

One of the first signs that Christmas is approaching in Nigeria is the colorful decorations and lights that adorn homes, streets, and public places. Nigerians love to decorate their homes with beautiful lights, wreaths, and Christmas trees. The streets are lined with twinkling lights, creating a festive atmosphere. It is a common sight to see families and friends gathering to put up decorations together, spreading the joy of the season.

Church Services

Christmas is a religious holiday, and Nigerians take their faith seriously. Church services play a central role in the Christmas celebrations. Many churches hold special services throughout the month of December, leading up to Christmas Day. The services are filled with prayers, hymns, and sermons that focus on the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time for Nigerians to come together, express their gratitude, and seek blessings for the upcoming year.

Family Gatherings

Family is at the heart of Christmas celebrations in Nigeria. It is a time for family members to come together, no matter how far apart they may be. Nigerians value the importance of spending time with loved ones during this festive season. Family gatherings are filled with laughter, storytelling, and sharing of traditional meals. It is a time to strengthen bonds, create lasting memories, and show appreciation for one another.

Traditional Cuisine

Food is an integral part of any celebration, and Christmas in Nigeria is no exception. Nigerians prepare a variety of traditional dishes that are enjoyed during this festive season. One such dish is jollof rice, a flavorful rice dish cooked with tomatoes, peppers, and spices. Other popular dishes include fried rice, moi moi (steamed bean pudding), and assorted meat and fish. Nigerians also indulge in a wide array of sweets and desserts, such as chin chin (crunchy fried dough) and puff puff (deep-fried dough balls).

Gift Giving during Christmas Celebration in Nigeria

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, and Nigerians embrace this tradition wholeheartedly. Gift-giving is a common practice during Christmas in Nigeria. Families and friends exchange gifts as a way of showing love and appreciation. It is also common for individuals to give gifts to the less fortunate, spreading the joy of the season to those in need. This act of generosity and kindness is a beautiful reflection of the true spirit of Christmas.

Music and Dance

Music and dance are an essential part of Nigerian culture, and they play a significant role in Christmas celebrations. Nigerians love to sing and dance to traditional Christmas carols, as well as contemporary Nigerian Christmas songs. Churches, schools, and communities organize carol services and concerts, where people come together to sing and rejoice in the festive spirit. The rhythmic beats and energetic dance moves are infectious, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration.


The festive period in Nigeria is marked by a plethora of concerts, providing an avenue for relaxation before returning to the daily grind. The diversity of concerts ensures there is a ticket for every budget, allowing individuals to choose events based on their preferences without feeling pressured.

Owambes (Parties) during Christmas Celebration in Nigeria

Owambe, a Nigerian term for parties, encompasses a variety of celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, children’s dedications, and even funerals. Participants are expected to showcase their fashion flair, with vibrant music and abundant food characterizing these lively gatherings. The festive season is an opportune time for Nigerians to host and attend Owambes without the worry of weather disruptions.


Recognizing Christmas as a period for relaxation and bonding, movie producers release blockbuster films for all audiences. Cinemas become a popular choice for couples, families, and friends seeking an enjoyable time together, with a diverse selection of movies catering to various tastes.

Carnivals during the Christmas Celebration in Nigeria

Many cities and states across Nigeria organize vibrant carnivals during the festive season. These events serve as colorful celebrations of the country’s rich cultural diversity, providing an opportunity for participants to showcase their cultural pride. The lively atmosphere and visual spectacles at these carnivals offer a unique glimpse into the wealth of Nigerian culture.


Christmas in Nigeria is a time of unity, joy, and celebration. From the vibrant decorations and lights to the traditional cuisine and music, Nigerians embrace the spirit of Christmas in their own unique way. It is a time for families to come together, for communities to bond, and for individuals to show love and kindness. Christmas in Nigeria is not just a holiday; it is a celebration of life, love, and the blessings of the year gone by. So, if you ever get a chance to experience Christmas in Nigeria, be prepared to be immersed in a world of festive cheer and warm hospitality.

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