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Do we Collect Information?

Yes, we do collect information.

When you fill out any form that asks for information, we collect that information from you. Also, we collect information when you visit our site using Google Analytics. We collect technical information such as your IP address, web browser, location, and other information.

Do we sell your information?

Supperinfo will neither sell your information to a third party nor use it against you.

There are ways we use information collected from you:

  •  To improve this blog.
  •  To send you periodic emails (Optional).
  •  So as to personalize your experience.

We implement some web security measures to maintain the safety of your information.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act:

Our articles and services are directed to people who need the materials on this site all over the world. They don’t support any form of child violence.

Linking to other websites:

On occasion, we may link to other sites that we trust. These other sites have their privacy policies. We take no responsibility for other content and activities of the linked sites.

For any questions and clarifications, you can always reach us via our contact page