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Scholarships for International Students: A Guide to Securing One

Scholarships for international students can be a lifeline that makes studying abroad possible. Higher education is a significant investment, and for international students, it can be particularly challenging due to the high cost of tuition, living expenses, and other related costs.  This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to navigate and secure these scholarships.

Understanding Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships are financial awards given to students based on various criteria, such as academic excellence, financial need, community service, and special talents. They are an excellent way to offset the cost of studying abroad, as they do not need to be repaid.

Types of Scholarships

There are several types of scholarships available for international students:

  1. Merit-based Scholarships: These are awarded based on a student’s academic, artistic, athletic, or other abilities.
  2. Need-based Scholarships: These are granted to students who demonstrate financial need.
  3. Subject-specific Scholarships: These are awarded to students pursuing a specific field of study.
  4. Student-specific Scholarships: These are given to students who meet specific criteria, such as nationality, gender, or race.

Finding Scholarships

The process of finding scholarships for international students can seem daunting, but there are many resources available to make this task manageable.

Online Scholarship Databases

Online databases, like, offer a comprehensive listing of grants, scholarships, loan programs, and other information to assist international students in their pursuit of study abroad. These databases allow students to search for scholarships based on their country of origin, field of study, and other criteria.

University Websites

Many universities offer scholarships specifically for international students. These scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, or based on other specific criteria. Check the university’s official website or contact the admissions office for information about available scholarships.

Government Websites

Several countries offer government-funded scholarships for abroad students. For example, the U.S. government offers the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, which provides scholarships for graduate students, young professionals, and artists from abroad to study, conduct research, or exercise their talents in the U.S.

Non-profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations offer scholarships for international students. These scholarships are often need-based or merit-based and may target specific groups of students.

Applying for Scholarships for international students

The application process for scholarships varies from one organization to another. However, there are some common steps that you can follow.

Research Eligibility Criteria

The first step in applying for a scholarship is to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria. This information is usually available on the scholarship’s official website.

Prepare Application Materials

Most scholarships require applicants to submit several documents, such as a resume or CV, academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a personal statement or essay. Ensure that your documents are well-prepared and highlight your strengths and achievements.

Submit Your Application for Scholarships for international students

Once you have prepared your application materials, the next step is to submit your application. Pay close attention to the application deadline and make sure to submit your application on time.

Follow Up on how to secure Scholarships for international students

After submitting your application, it’s important to follow up with the scholarship organization to confirm that they received your application and to see if they need any additional information.

Scholarship Opportunities

Here are a few scholarship opportunities for international students:

  1. MPOWER Financing: MPOWER offers monthly scholarships for international students, providing financial support to help students achieve their educational dreams.
  2. Zolve Global Scholarship: This scholarship fund recognizes young leaders worldwide and helps them realize their ideas through higher education.
  3. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Clinical Fellowships: This award encourages specialized early-career training and prepares candidates for careers in academic medicine.
  4. Australian Institute Research Grant: This grant supports research that will secure short-term and long-term benefits to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.


Securing scholarships for international students requires time, effort, and dedication. However, the financial assistance these scholarships provide can make a significant difference in your ability to pursue higher education abroad. Start your search early, apply to as many scholarships as you qualify for, and don’t give up. Your dream of studying abroad could be just a scholarship application away!

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