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Certificate of Occupancy ( CofO ) Application in EDO STATE.


Applying for a Certificate of Occupancy ( CofO ) in Edo State is a very important topic and you certainly need all the necessary information on how to go about it.

When it comes to land and property matters, one has to be extremely careful about who to deal with. Edolands and Properties is your ideal place to get all the necessary and adequate information you need on how to acquire your lands and properties within EDO STATE and how to register the Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) with the State Government in other to be free from any form of land grabbing and embarrassments.

Edolands and Properties can help you with information as regards:

1).  Buying and Selling of Properties within Edo State

2). Registration of Properties – Certificate of Occupancy ( CofO ) Applications within Edo State

3) Land Survey

4) Building Plans and Approval

5). Consent Applications among others

It is important to note that EDOGIS is the Government Agency saddled with the responsibilities of land registrations and titles in Edo State. Supperinfo is here to provide you with all the necessary information you need on how to go about getting a property in Edo State and securing it.

Here are Steps by Steps Top Secrete on how to acquire, secure, and develop your properties in Edo State. While all steps are very important, No. 3 is what you should not pray with.

What to look out for before buying your lands and properties within Edo State.

  1. Conduct A Digital Search On The Property To Know Its Status:

You must conduct a search to know the status of the property you wish to buy. Conducting a search on a property before proceeding to buy will save you from a lot of embarrassment and waste of resources. When you conduct a digital search on a property, you will know if the property is free from;

  • Government Land.
  • If it has a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) already or not.
  • If it is overlapping with any other property that has CofO already.
  • If it is on any mortgage or lease
  • If there is any covert place on it etc.

Engaging in this process will always help you to make the best decision on your quest for property ownership in Edo State. This process will help you to know the best land that is free to buy and develop. It is very important to note that you cannot get a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) in any property that is affected by any of the conditions listed above and this is why the search is very important.

Edolands and Properties are here to help you avoid these mistakes and provide proper guidance on how to go about this.

You certainly don’t want to go through the troublesome process that results from getting the wrong property in Edo State as this could be very frustrating.  After confirming that the property you want to buy is free and you can get CofO on it, you can proceed to buy and continue to the next stage which is the survey plan.

When buying a property, you must do your investigations to ensure you are buying from the right owner and ensure you have all the corresponding landed documents including Oba Approval/ Community Paper as root of title.

  1. Survey the Land:

After buying your land/property, the next thing you will have to do is to immediately go and Survey it. You must do a Survey Plan with proper lodgment (Registration) of the survey plan with the Edo State Government in the office of the Surveyor General of the state at EDOGIS. Supperinfo can help you handle all your land surveys and lodgment (Registrations).

  1. Apply For a Certificate of Occupancy ( CofO ):

The next thing you will have to do after buying and surveying your land will be to proceed to apply for a CofO (Certificate of Occupancy) on it. Supperinfo can help you handle the processing of your CofO. The following requirements are needed to apply for CofO in Edo State.

i.  1 Passport Photograph

ii.  Means of Identification could be either an International Passport, National ID Card, Drivers License, or Voters Card. Any of these four (4) IDs are the required IDs for applying for CofO.

iii.  Utility Bill: Nepa Bill, Waste Bill, or Cable Bill is required when applying for CofO. The importance of this is that the address on the bill you are to submit must correspond with whichever address you fill on the CofO form and it must be a Nigeria address and must also have a House No.  Please this is very important.

iv.  Relevant Land Documents: Photocopies of all land documents must contain the root of origin i.e. from the first person that got the property from the community till date.

v.  1 Original Copy of the Survey Plan

vi.  Evidence of Tax Payment. Anybody applying for CofO in Edo State must be a Taxpayer to the Edo State Government. Note: if the person is staying/leaving within Edo State, the person will be expected to come with his/her tax payment or go to Edo State Board of Internal Revenue to get his/her tax payment.

But if the person is staying/leaving Outside Edo State or Abroad, such a person is expected to pay a development ley of # 100,000 in place of Tax. This is not negotiable.

vii.  A non-refundable Application processing fee of #50,000. This is the first amount anyone has to pay when applying for CofO irrespective of the size of the land. But when your offer (Assessment) is ready, you will then know the amount you are to pay as the complete balance for the CofO process.

The amount you are to pay at this stage will depend on the size of the land, the location of the land, and the purpose of the CofO (Land Use Purpose).

viii.   Representative Form (Optional):

As the case may be, those who need someone to represent them in the processing of the CofO will have to give them a letter of representation to enable them to act on their behalf in the process.

ix. All relevant CofO form which are free is expected to be filled and well sign by the Applicant. All signatures on submitted documents must correspond.

Time/Duration For CofO Process.  You can apply and get your CofO within 3 months or more as the case may be depending on the challenges with the submitted documents and the activities of the Agency at that particular time.

There are other applications you can process in EDOGIS such as

  1. Consent Applications
  2. Mortgage Applications
  3. Deed of Release
  4. CTC: Certified True Copy

among others

Please note that the rules and regulations guiding the CoFO Applications in Edo state may be different from those obtained in other states.


  • Land Use Charge
  • Ground Rent
  • Tenancy Rate

Among others.


The advantage of buying a property with CofO is that you are certain that you are buying a genuine property which keeps your mind at rest about the ownership of such property and its status.


  1. It will cost you more to buy a property with CofO.
  2. You will spend more in charging the CofO to your name since the process will involve the Governor’s Consent.
  3. You will have to pay all relevant charges as the case may be

In conclusion, finding the right property to buy involves diligent research which will guide you in the right direction and prevent you from making avoidable mistakes. Once you conduct a search and know the status of a property, proceeding with buying and applying for registration becomes very easy and this is why we are here to assist you in whatever way we can at Edolands and Properties. Feel free to contact us today on Tel: +2348027758146 (WhatsApp)

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