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Faster Steps to Processing Nigeria Passport

Nigeria passport processing can sometimes be a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, there are certain steps you can take to expedite the process and obtain your passport faster.

The Nigeria Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo has announced the automation of the Nigeria passport application process which will enable individuals to apply for passport applications from their homes and only to visit the immigration centers for fingerprint biometrics issues.

This article provides you with a few pointers to guide you through the passport application process.

1. Gather the necessary documents for Nigeria Passport

Collecting all the necessary documents for processing your Nigerian passport, is the first step. Proof of Nigerian citizenship should also be included in your application together with two recent photos in passport size and any other relevant document.

2. Complete the online application

After obtaining relevant documents, an applicant needs to fill in the online application form. Go to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) online application, and put correct and relevant data. Hence, go through the data again before sending off the form.

3. Pay the application fee for Nigeria Passport

Subsequently, a payment for the passport application fee is required after the submission of an online application. Customers may pay it through their bank accounts or online. Ensure that you retain a copy of the cash receipt since it will be needed during the interview day.

4. Book an appointment

After confirmation of the payment, make an appointment with your closest Nigerian immigration department. Scheduling can either be done via the online portal or the NSI website. Select an appropriate date and time of the day for your visit.

5. Attend the biometric capture session

Be sure to come a few minutes earlier and carry all the necessary papers on the day of your appointment. Your biometric details such as fingerprints will be captured during the appointment. Skipping this step is an extremely crucial issue, which one must not commit while applying for a passport.

6. Tack your application

Following the biometric capture session, you may also trace the status of your application via the online platform. Its website allows one to give an application ID number and follow up on their passport applications’ progress. It will allow you to understand how much time you have until ready to collect the passport.

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You will be notified once your passport is available for pickup. Go to the Nigerian Immigration office where the appointment was made with all the required documentation such as the payment receipt and your other valid identity cards. A verification process will be followed, then your passport will be given to you.

8. Expedited processing for Nigeria Passport

You have the option of going for expedited processing if you need your passport quickly. It comes at an extra cost but you get the passport faster than expected. However, expedited processing may not be available in every case and depends on the decision of the Nigerian Immigration Service.

If you follow these steps with all the required documents, then you will make the process of receiving a Nigerian passport much smoother. Ensure that you confirm all the information mentioned above and keep tracking your application until it processes smoothly.

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